Conveyancing in Spain – Selling


Whilst some property owners may find it unnecessary, or even pointless, to hire a lawyer on selling, it is strongly recommended to avoid problems. A seller that does not hire a lawyer is vulnerable and may fall prey to payment scams and/or commission abuses.


Our conveyance fee is 100% tax-deductible on selling the property.


The main highlight of this service (conveyancing - selling) is that, if you are a non-resident seller, we can attain a tax refund on 3% of your sales proceeds. This is a substantial amount of money we can claw back from the taxman. This tax refund can only be achieved on hiring a specialized tax law firm, such as us. Besides your rebate, you are also entitled to legal interest on top, which currently stands at 3.75%. More than what any high street bank pays you for a deposit. Do you still think you don't need a lawyer on selling in Spain?


Marbella-based Larrain Nesbitt Lawyers has over 18 year’s conveyancing experience at your service. Our team of native English-speaking lawyers and economists have a long track record successfully assisting expats all over Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona. You can review here our client’s testimonials. We offer the most competitive fees in the market.


Legal fees: on application


Seven key reasons to hire legal representation in Spain on selling:



The majority of points above can only be done by retaining a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer on selling adds security and helps you pay less taxes. More details in our article: 7 reasons on why you need legal representation on selling in Spain.


Our conveyance service is all-inclusive:


  • Deal only with native English-speaking lawyers.
  • Breakdown of associated expenses and taxes.
  • Negotiate with the buyer.
  • Request a deposit or reservation fee. Sign the reservation contract.
  • English translation.
  • Ensure payment is correct (avoiding scams).
  • Ensure the sales contract signed with your chosen estate agent/s is above board - avoiding abusive clauses i.e. illegal commissions.
  • Signing Private Purchase Contract
  • Draft and attend the notary office to sign the Title Deed.**
  • Calculating, filing and payment of associated sales taxes (both capital gains tax and plusvalia tax).
  • Tax mitigation. Our lawyers will offset both the associated purchase costs as well as the refurbishment expenses on your property to reduce your tax burden as much as is legally admissible (contingent on the vendor supplying us with the original VAT invoices).
  • Non-resident's 3% sales refund: claiming back the funds withheld by a buyer on account of a non-resident seller’s capital gains tax liability (if applicable).

*Does not include discharging a pre-existing mortgage; additional fees apply.


We will be very pleased to discuss your matter with you. You can contact us by e-mail at, by telephone on our UK line UK: (+44) 07543 838 218, or Spanish line (+34) 952 19 22 88, or by completing our contact form to book an appointment.


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