How to file a 3% tax rebate on the sales proceeds of your Spanish property

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, April, 3. 2024

Raymundo Larrain explains how a non-resident seller is entitled to a tax rebate on his sales proceeds

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Abogados
8th of April 2024


Non-residents selling property in Spain undergo a 3% retention which is practised on the sales proceeds. This money is withheld by the buyer (or his lawyer) which is then transferred to the tax office.

Unbeknownst to most people, sellers are legally entitled to apply for a tax rebate on the full 3% of the sales proceeds providing they have sold at a loss, or have broken even.

This procedure is technical, meaning it requires the input of a seasoned lawyer to file this tax rebate (a seller cannot do this on his own).

Additionally, a seller is also entitled to legal interest when the tax office takes longer than usual to repay the withheld sales proceeds. This can be rather substantial, and most certainly higher than what any high street bank is paying savers nowadays for their deposits!

Surprisingly, most sellers are oblivious to this rebate and never bother to ask for their money back, which is lost!

3% retention explained

The purpose of this retention is to act as guarantor of a seller’s Capital Gains Tax liability on selling property in Spain. If a seller makes a profit, he must pay CGT. The 3% ensures sellers will not be doing a ‘runner’.

However, not all sales make a profit. Moreover, you would be surprised to learn that after adding all the associated costs and expenses most sellers are breaking even! Which would mean they are all entitled to apply for this tax rebate.

When you add up the associated conveyance expenses (both on buying and selling the property), the associated taxes, professional fees due (estate agent, notary, land registry, lawyer), and improvements on the property over time it is often the case that sellers are breaking even, or even making a loss, however small.

When you sell at a loss, or break even, the 3% retention is no longer justified legally. Meaning, the seller has a legal right to claw it back from the Spanish Tax Office, plus interests on top!


As mentioned, on selling property in Spain, a 3% retention is practised on the non-residents’ sales proceeds at completion. For example, on selling a €500,000 house, €15,000 will be withheld by the buyer at the notary’s office.

Following completion, this retention is paid by the buyer to the tax office.

Depending on whether a profit or loss was made, the seller’s lawyer can apply for a tax rebate on the full, or part of the €15,000. Additionally, contingent on how long the tax office takes to pay the rebate, legal interests accrue, which can be quite substantial over time.

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