Taxation on gifting property in Spain

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, July, 4. 2023

Lawyer Raymundo Larraín outlines the procedure to gift property (and money) in Spain attracting little to no tax.

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Abogados
8th of July 2023



The continued (vertical) hike in interest rates pursued relentlessly by the ECB (basically to mend its own errors on printing money to no end during the Covid pandemic, which generated a huge inflation bubble) has continued to erode people’s income. In plain English, we are all poorer thanks to the errors of central banks. The good news is that no one in these central banks will be held accountable for their gross incompetence (not even a slap on their wrist), yay! The bad news is that all of us punters get to pay for central banker’s mistakes – as in literally. Nay!

The bottom line is that we are all now collectively poorer as a result of their gross negligence, and as a result many families are struggling to make ends meet as they are out-of-pocket with the rising cost of loans and life in general (inflation). This translates to loving parents lending a helping hand to their offspring, so they can get their paws on the first rung of the property ladder.

Gifting property

In today’s article, we outline a method so that parents – or other family members – support their children (or loved ones) financially so they can, for example, buy their first property. But it is also extensive to gifting properties between spouses, other family members, etc.

My professional experience is that most foreigners are blissfully unaware of the legal procedure involved on gifting property (or money) in Spain to their loved ones saving huge amounts in tax in the process.

Gifting property arises when:

  1. Joint owners (i.e. spouses) decide to re-arrange property holdings.
  2. When parents gift their property, or money, to their children.
  3. When property owners gift their property to other family members, or friends.

Gifting property (or money) has indeed become very popular in Spain, as several regions have approved new tax laws that suppress inheritance and gift tax (Andalucia, Madrid, Galicia, etc). People are jumping at the chance of paying little to no tax in case these tax laws are changed again in the future when a new government takes power …

Taxes paid by the giftor:

  1. Capital Gains Tax
  2. Plusvalia tax

Taxes paid by the giftee:

  1. Gift tax (in several regions in Spain this is almost zero)

Additional expenses:

  1. Lawyer’s fees
  2. Notary fees
  3. Land registry fees

Gift procedure

A lawyer needs to be retained from the outset to organize & supervise the gift deed which will be witnessed by a Spanish notary. This requires planning ahead carefully to mitigate your tax bill. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If the legal procedure is not followed correctly (i.e. you do not bother to instruct a lawyer and attempt do it on your own), you will likely not qualify for the lenient tax breaks available and be slammed with a huge tax bill.

Please note we are only giving in this article a (very) basic outline on how the procedure works, the devil is in the details.

Dissolution of joint property ownership (DJPO)

If existing joint owners wish to re-arrange their property holdings, they can opt instead for a DJPO, which reduces taxes by as much as 86%, or more! More on this in our in-depth article: Dissolution of a joint property ownership.

A DJPO applies when:

1.- In divorce or separation proceedings. Couples owning property jointly may decide to split up. Taking for granted they own a property in equal shares, one of them decides to sell their 50% to his ex-partner. The ex-partner will pay him/her his quota.

2.- Re-arranging inheritances. Beneficiaries of an inheritance transfer their quota on a property to a fellow heir. E.g. Sisters who inherit property transfer a share between them.

3.- Re-arranging property holdings between family and friends. Stakeholders such as family, friends, or investors co-owning a property may decide to re-arrange their holdings.


If you care for your loved one’s well-being, and want to help them out in life, all the while paying little to no tax, you may wish to consider this option I explain above.

At LNA we will gladly assist you to re-arrange your property ownership by way of gifting it. Just give us a call, and one of our friendly staff will speak to you.

LNA offers this service: Gifting property & money


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