Updating Property Deeds (Unregistered Property Extensions)


If you have made extensions or improvements to your property without registering them, you will find problems when you sell your property on. The buyer’s lender will refuse to lend the full amount on grounds the property is not duly registered. This will translate in you losing potential buyers for your property. To avoid this problem, it is strongly advised you register your property at the Land Registry. For a competitive fee we can regularise your planning situation and make it legal.


Legal problems you face on not registering improvements/extensions to your Spanish property:


• You can be fined by your town hall.
• You may be criminally prosecuted.
• You may be forced to pull down the improvements at your own expense.
• Unregistered extensions are uninsured.
• You can´t borrow money against the improvements on the property.
• Unregistered extensions at the Land Registry do not exist legally.


Legal fees:  POA


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Legalising Unregistered Property Extensions  – 8th August 2017