Keys handover contract


When you want to terminate a rental contract in Spain, whether short or long term, you must follow a two-step procedure, by Law:


1. Serve legal notice to your landlord. We offer this service: Recorded delivery service

2. Sign a keys handover contract


The second step required (besides serving legal notice) is drafting a keys handover contract which is signed by both tenant and landlord (or an appointed representative) on the last day of your rental.


Doing this is precisely what allows you, as a tenant, to recover your security deposit (one or two months, depending on your contract). If you do not follow this, it is highly likely your landlord will pocket your rental deposit, and may even ask you for more money on top to pay for: 'damages' made to the property, cleaning expenses, re-painting the property, cleaning smoke smells, replacing furniture, etc.


Bottom line, a keys handover contract stops all this nonsense and allows a tenant to recover his rental deposit.


Legal fee: 250


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