Immigration & Residency

Enrolling yourself in your town hall census is a basic requirement for multiple administration procedures in Spain. We can offer this service in the province of Malaga (Costa del Sol & Sotogrande) for a very competitive fee.


The padron certificate is required in a number of cases:


  • Vote
  • Apply/renew your residency permit
  • Apply for a public health insurance card
  • Entitles to free vaccination during the pandemic (Covid-19 jab, etc)
  • Get married
  • Enrol children in local schools
  • Buy/sell a car
  • To claim benefits
  • To attain subsidies


The fee includes us handholding the client and assisting them personally at the application phase, and also the collection of the certificate some two weeks later.


Legal fee: Starting at 100*

* In the rare event your application is turned down, refunds do not apply. Fee may be higher depending on the number of applicants and distance. Does not include VAT.


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