Contracts (read & review)


This is a read & review service. Its purpose is to review the contract you supply us, and we highlight anything illegal or that is missing. It is not a questions & answer service. If you require a consultation, that is a separate legal service.


On buying/selling/renting out a property in Spain, it is advisable a lawyer is hired to protect your interests. This legal service is thought for tenants (or landlords) who wish to be advised on a contract's clauses. We offer this service nationwide. The service is completed within the next 24 working hours (as from payment received). The R&R service is limited to two emails only. In the first email we review your rental contract and highlight anything unusual or illegal. There is a second follow up email on anything that was unclear or may require further explaining.


We review the following standard contracts:


  • Lease agreement (rental contract), long term or holiday rentals, seasonal contracts
  • Purchase contract
  • Sales contract
  • Option to buy contract (let-to-buy)


Legal fees:


  • Advising on a pre-existing lease agreement's wording and clauses: 100 plus VAT.


What this service does NOT include:


  • Reviewing non-standard complex contracts (i.e. franchise, luxury accommodation) have their own set of fees. Ask us.
  • Drafting a rental contract or additional clauses. We offer you this service instead: Rentals (contract drafting).
  • English translation of Spanish rental contracts (additional fees apply).
  • Legal advice on Spanish rental laws, regional holiday home regulations or tenant entitlements (legal advice billed separately).
  • Tax advice on landlord’s rental income or landlord tax relief (tax advice billed separately).
  • Fiscal representation.
  • Phone calls, meetings, extra expenses incurred as a result of the work undertaken (to be advised).


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We will be very pleased to discuss your matter with you. You can contact us by e-mail at, by telephone on (+34) 952 19 22 88 or by completing our contact form to book an appointment.


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