Rental deposit scheme: how to get your deposit back!

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, May, 1. 2020

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Lawyer - Abogado
1st of May 2020

We've all been there. You rent a property in Spain, the rental comes to an end and your landlord refuses to pay you back the deposit!

In this short blog post we explain what a tenant should do to protect himself against this landlord abuse and how you can claim back your lease deposit assisted by a lawyer.

On our previous blog post (Renting in Spain? Five clauses you should be mindful of) on point five we discussed how some devious landlords in Spain, after a lease is over, like to pocket a tenant’s one-month deposit and did not hand it back giving all sorts of lame excuses.

Spain is divided administratively into 17 different autonomous regions. Each region has devolved competencies on this matter and has an admin institution that is tasked with receiving this rental deposit (one month for long-term lets, two month deposit for seasonal contracts). On paying this rental deposit into an official public organization you are guaranteed to recover it, unless you have made damages to the property which the landlord will need to prove and justify.

The obligation to make this deposit falls squarely on the landlord (not on the tenant) and the landlord can be reported to the public regional Authority if they fail to do so (large fines apply on non-compliance, normally amounting to a percentage of the rental deposit). Additional Disposition 3 of Spain’s Tenancy Act (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos or LAU, for short) which rules nationwide all over Spain, compels all landlords to make these deposits as outlined in its art. 36.1.

As we write, in practice most landlords conveniently ‘ignore’ their legal obligation to secure the rental deposits, whether deliberately or out of neglect, and may need to be ‘incentivized’ by their tenants to fulfil their legal duties (read veiled threat of reporting them and face stiff fines on non-compliance).

If you want a shot at recovering your rental deposit, please follow our advice. You are welcome.

We briefly collate the contact details of the regional admin institutions to pay the rental deposit into. Please note we only list the regions where the majority of expats rent out, there are far more institutions we care not to include:

  1. Andalusia

AVRA gestión fianzas de alquiler


Tel: 900920220


  1. Balearic Islands


Form F1

Tel: 900 780 000


  1. Canary Islands

Instituto Canario de la Vivenda
Tel: 928 30 60 00


  1. Catalonia (Barcelona)

Institut Català del Sòl


Tel:  932954410


  1. Madrid

Comunidad de Madrid

Portal de la vivienda

Tel: 012


  1. Valencia

Fianzas Generalitat Valencia

Complete form 806


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