Buy your dream home in paradise: Costa del Sol

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, January, 21. 2020

By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Lawyer – Abogado
21st of January 2020

The Costa del Sol boasts one of Europe’s most privileged climates. Honouring its name, the Costa del Sol has over 330 days of sunshine a year, light and warmth are never too far away.

White pearly beaches stretch lazily far away until the land meets the sky, a myriad golf courses, exclusive yacht moorings, cosmopolitan restaurants and elite international schools; all these contribute to make the Costa del Sol a unique and ideal place to settle and live in with an exceptional quality of life.

From the bling and glitz of Marbella, to the sweetly-scented gardens of Estepona, and the spiritual insightfulness of Benahavis, the Costa del Sol offers a wide array of different lifestyles to choose from. Which one appeals to you?

Where to live on the Costa del Sol?

Marbella, Benahavis, and Estepona.

Marbella, an iconic place of world renown and beauty. Marbella honours its name, which means ‘beautiful sea’ in Spanish. Luxury and good life meld to create a unique place chosen by discerning tourists and bon vivants for generations. Marbella, with its beautiful bewitching La Concha mountain, draws you in, capturing the imagination of tourists for decades. It is a melting pot of nationals from all over the world, who flock to it choosing it as second residence to enjoy the sea and its famous all-year-round micro-climate. Modern communications (including toll highways), a plethora of amenities, a first-class modern hospital, private schools, shopping centres galore make Marbella an ideal home for families with young children and retirees. Marbella caters to discerning and sophisticated property buyers looking to purchase outstanding homes. This sassy city offers the best of style, beauty and luxury the world has to offer for those privileged few that can afford it. If anything, you will be spoilt for choice in Marbella.

Benahavis is a small peaceful town nestled high in Ronda’s mountain ridge. This picturesque town, founded by Arabs over 1,000 years ago, is straight out of a post card. It is home to over 100 family-run restaurants which cater to a demanding crowd. Over the last years it has become the place of choice for ultra-wealthy individuals looking for privacy who have built fabulous mansions overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The dusk falls against the dramatic sky drop of the silhouetted mountain ridge is second to none, simply breath taking. This steady influx of affluent newcomers, who seek the refuge of spiritual wellness and flee from large urban agglomerations which dot the coastline, has strongly contributed to make it the town with the highest income per inhabitant of all Andalusia. Benahavis, the best kept secret of those in the know.

Estepona, the garden city, for years was overshadowed, snubbed by its two glitzier sister cities; no more! It has come into its own, becoming a hotspot for bustling offplan activity. Estepona teams with life, commingling a traditional laid-back Spanish lifestyle with an international sophistication. The Kempinski 5-star resort hotel is the city’s flagship of style and luxury. Estepona has worked hard to build its own reputation as a garden eden which is reflected in its beautiful sprawling gardens and lush green areas surrounding the city. If you are looking for the authentic Spanish flavour, and (still) affordable seashore prices, look no further. Estepona, the place to be seen.

Andalusia, where heaven meets earth.

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