Holiday Rentals in Andalusia Made Easy

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, July, 3. 2017

Lawyer Raymond Nesbitt explains the legal requirements of holiday rentals in Andalusia. The idea behind this blog post is to give a simplified version of his in-depth article with all the minutiae: Holiday Rental Laws in Andalusia (Decree 28/2016).

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Lawyer – Abogado
3rd of July 2017



Holiday Rentals in Andalusia Made Easy


Holiday rentals in Spain are experiencing an unprecedented explosive growth, nothing short of a new property boom.

So much so, that holiday rental asking prices are reportedly soaring by two digits year-on-year as highlighted by recent headlines in Spanish Property Insight and other media outlets:


Rental prices smash boom-time records in six regional capitals led by Barcelona

Front-line beach rental prices up 10pc in a year

Rental asking prices rising fast say portals


As a result, drawn by this new rental frenzy, more and more buy-to-let landlords wishing to capitalise on their Spanish properties are jumping into the fray letting them out short-term to tourists.

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More information on holiday rental taxation: Holiday Home Taxation in Spain.



The Spanish region of Andalusia passed its own holiday rental law last year. It is known as Decree 28/2016. More details in my article: Holiday Rental Laws in Andalusia (Decree 28/2016).

Almost every region in Spain has its own law on holiday rentals. For a full region-by-region list check my article: Holiday Rental Laws in Spain.

Holiday Rental Excluded Properties

  • Properties which are lent to friends or family without an exchange of money (free).
  • Properties rented to the same individual for over two months.
  • Rural properties.
  • Properties within tourist apartment complexes (Apartamentos Turísticos).


Requirement List

  • The property must have attained a Licence of First Occupation.
  • Rooms must be ventilated and have blinds or shutters to obscure them when necessary.
  • Be furnished and equipped with appliances ready for their immediate use.
  • Air conditioning unit affixed in every bedroom, including living room (for properties let between May to September).
  • Heater must be made available in every bedroom, including living room (for properties let between October to April).
  • First aid kit.
  • Tourist information including services and amenities in the surrounding area.
  • Complaints book.
  • Mandatory cleaning service at the start and end of every new lodging.
  • Clean bed linen at the start of every new lodging.
  • 24-hour contact number for complaints or queries.
  • Instructions for the use of household and kitchen appliances.
  • Inform lodgers on the use of communal areas, pet regulations, smoking restrictions.


Mandatory Registration before Andalusia’s Tourism Registry (ATR)

If you are going to rent out your property as a holiday rental in Andalusia it is mandatory you first register it before the ATR.

Our law firm offers full registration, POA.

More information on this legal service here: Registration of Holiday Homes.


Non-compliance: Fines and Sanctions

Humongous fines ranging from €2,000 up to €150,000 are levied on non-compliance with this new law.

Over sixty properties have already been fined, hundreds more in the pipeline.

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