Selling the bare ownership and cashing in!

Raymundo LarraĆ­n Nesbitt, July, 4. 2022

Lawyer Raymundo Larrain briefly explains how to cash in on your property, releasing the pent-up equity. This is attained on selling the bare ownership of your property and retaining a usufruct right.

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By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt
Director of Larraín Nesbitt Abogados
8th of July 2022


It has become apparent that we have fallen on hard times. The ongoing war in Europe (which threatens contagion to neighbouring countries), the unbridled two-digit inflation, tax hike, hike in petrol, hike in electricity & gas, the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, and more all add up to our woes!

But none fair harder than those in their twilight years. They are hands down the most affected collective with all that is going on.

Many senior citizens struggle to get by on low pensions given the unrestrained rise of prices (two-digit inflation!). All they know is that after a life of hard work and sacrifices they can afford every month fewer things on the same fixed income (pension).

But precisely, because of their age, they can turn this round to their advantage. Seniors are likely sitting on properties which value has gone up substantially over the previous years. Property prices in Spain have appreciated for eleven consecutive months, hitting all-time highs in some cities, such as Madrid. Property sales are at the highest numbers since 2007.

Moreover, in a high inflationary context, money experts strongly advise investors to buy property (tangible assets) to hedge themselves against rising inflation, so their property values are bound to increase even further over the next years, interest rate fluctuations notwithstanding.

What’s the point of living in a 500k property if you can’t treat yourself to fancy restaurants, from time to time, or even book some luxury holiday abroad? Or maybe you need to release equity to finance an expensive medical treatment for your loved ones.

It is my experience that elders often live in a permanent disconnection between what their properties are valued at and their spartan lifestyles, often struggling silently to get on by on low pensions. In this month’s article, I shed light on a legal method that reconciles both, allowing seniors to take full advantage of their real estate, opening their locked wealth by allowing them the freedom to enjoy life as they deserve in their twilight years, without struggling every month to make ends meet.

Unbeknownst to them, there is legal a way to tap into their build up wealth without needing to sell their property, much less leave their home!

This is known as selling the ‘bare ownership’ to an investor whilst retaining a ‘life usufruct’ on the property. This is a legal procedure witnessed by a notary. In simple terms, bare ownership grants ownership of a property but does not grant possession.


  • The seller is allowed to remain in the property for as long as they live. In other words, the seller retains the possession. This, for senior citizens, is a huge plus as they will not have to renounce to their lifestyle or surrender the keys of their house for the remainder of their lives.
  • The seller immediately accesses a large pool of money which they can use as they see fit: for medical expenses, lavish holidays, fancy restaurants, or simply as a well-deserved improvement to their lifestyle in their twilight years.
  • The seller no longer needs to trouble himself with paying property taxes or community charges, it now falls on the investor to pay for them all.
  • The owner avoids enduring all the associated hassle, stress and aggravation of a standard property sale but reaps all its benefits!
  • You will only need to pay electricity and water bills.
  • The seller can in fact rent out the property, or part of it (i.e. rooms), and pocket the money!
  • The seller can in fact also sell his usufruct right, if needed be, to raise even more money!
  • This procedure allows you to supplement and bolster a meagre state pension.



  • You will receive slightly less money than its market value.
  • If the seller has children, they will receive less by way of inheritance.


  1. Are you 65 years old, or older?
  2. Have you attained a Spanish residency permit?
  3. Are you tax resident in Spain? Have you filed Spanish tax returns previously?
  4. Is your property worth 150,000 euros, or more?
  5. Is your property classified as urban (not rustic land)
  6. Have you been empadronado in your Spanish property over the previous three years?


Selling the bare ownership is a (very) smart way of cashing in on the accumulated wealth of your property without relinquishing your lifestyle. Because in truth, you won’t notice any difference other than sitting on a large pile of money! You will still live in the same property for the remainder of your life.

This procedure is ideal for senior citizens who are asset rich, but cash poor.

For a seller, it’s a win-win as you get to keep your property (whilst you live) and you also have access to a large pile of cash with which you can do as you please.

For an investor, it is a win-win as they get to buy a property below the market value (BMV) and also do not pay inheritance tax or plusvalia tax on receiving the possession of the property in the future.

If you have grown tired of struggling financially every month, and wish to put an end to your endless nightmare, just give us a buzz. Our friendly staff will guide you through the procedure.

We can advise and represent you, to secure it, and sign the notary deed. Your only concern going forward will be what to do with so much money in your bank; it will be up to you!

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